4.1.13: We’re excited to unveil many new items in our product line as you’ll see throughout our web site. Leading the list are the Brigadier and Delta pens and mechanical pencils. The Brigadier set boasts the same appearance as our most popular Classic Brass Patriot Pen but with this difference, the fittings on the pen are of stunning 24ct gold! And, not to be outdone, the Delta pen and pencil fittings are plated with sparkling silver chrome on top of their already outstanding nickel finished body cartridges! .

       Also new are our Double Walnut and Maple Convertible boxes. Specifically designed with two instrument slots, these do a magnificent job of showing off matched pairs of pen and pencils.

We don’t want to give away any secrets too early, so let’s just say keep your eye on these pages as a few more things are coming real soon that you’ll surely want to take advantage of.

In the meantime you may be interested to know how the Brigadier and Delta lines came about.  Both are the result of requests from police officers employed with departments with strict uniform requirements. We didn’t know this but many departments require their officers to “wear” in their shirt pockets only pens of a certain color; and not just most of the pen, but every part of it. For example department “A”  requires patrol officers wear only silver pens, and that includes the pen pocket clips as well as the pen tips and all other fittings. Similarly, only managing officers are permitted and required to wear gold pens.

But whether you’re a police officer or not everyone can enjoy adding these fine writing instruments to their unique collection.