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If you’re unfamiliar with the Patriot Pen, here’s a few things you should know: the Patriot pen is made in the small town of Cortland, Ohio by myself with the assistance of several family members and a select few skilled tradesmen. Each and every Patriot Pen is made with two spent rifle cartridges, a 30/06 and a .308 (7.62 Nato), both of which have actually been fired by our own soldiers. CONTINUE READING…

Patriot Pen

This is the pen that made us the foremost maker of military pens in the world. Constructed of genuine military relics, the Patriot Pen is the flagship of our entire line.

Random interwar dates through 1972. 7.62 and .30/06 cartridges,

Standard Brass:   5000R           $39.95

Commander Pen Nickle Plated:     5002R           $44.95


WWII Patriot Pen


Extremely rare WWII cartridges fired by our GIs before being sent overseas to fight in Europe or the South Pacific form the backbone of these limited edition Patriot Pens.

Armory dated 1942-1944. 7.62 and .30/06 cartridges,

Standard Brass:  5000.5R        $59.95

Commander Pen Nickle Plated:    5002.5R        $54.95


Korean War Patriot Pen


Due to the relatively short duration of this conflict, .30/06 cartridges are in very limited supply. Armory dated 1952-1953. 7.62 and .30/06 cartridges.

Standard Brass:    5000.6R       $42.95

Commander Pen Nickle Plated:       5002.6R       $47.95


Viet Nam Patriot Pen


There are more Viet Nam vets living today than from any other modern conflict. For that reason our pens made from armory dated era cartridges (1963-1972) are of special significance.

Standard Brass:   5000.7R       $39.95

Commander Pen Nickle Plated:      5002.7R       $44.95